Engage, Empower, and Educate – our three main objectives

We work in order to motivate people to take action when it comes to environmental issues.

There is already a lot of awareness out there, but many don’t take the next step.

We are working to change that.

Our vision is to have a network of youth who are inspired to work to protect and improve the environment. We understand that with so many different environmental issues things might be overwhelming, however we believe that through small actions a ripple effect may be created which will create change for the better.

We stand for small, attainable goals which culminate into something greater than the parts it is made of.

 Based within the University of Malta, we have been active since 2010, organising a variety of events which cover different aspects of environmental awareness and responsibility be it clean ups, camping weekenders, or information sessions. We also ensure that whatever activity or initiative we organise, we stick to our core principles so that we ourselves act as an example