Y4TE on the Government’s Latest Autumn Hunting Decision

Youth For The Environment is pleased to see that the ​G​overnment has taken firm measures against the continuous criminal acts carried out by hunters who violated the conditions set for the Autumn Hunting​ Season​.
Although Y4TE understands that it is unfair to place the ​blame ​on all the registered hunters, as there are ​those who do ​follow the conditions, ​we believe that because of the  recent increase in illegal hunting​, as well as the “wild west” attitude of ​those hunters who choose to act as they please​,​ it is only reasonable that the Autumn Hunting season should be ​closed during these weeks to help protect those raptors which are migrating.Moreover, whilst democracy allows for the right to protest, Y4TE condemns the violent nature of the protest which took place on the 21st of September.  Whilst it is understandable that one might be angry,​ it is unacceptable to behave violently. Y4TE urges for the discussions on the matter to be mature and based on logical, scientific reasoning.
The Maltese eco-system should not be at the whim of hunters whose misinformed ways lead to the destruction of several bird species and thus Y4TE is glad to see a step in the right direction where members of the hunting community no longer have excessive leverage with regards to the political aspect on the matter.
As a final note, Y4TE urges members of the public who are in favour of the ​abolition of  Spring hunting, to make their voice and votes count in the ​potential upcoming Referendum and to always take the high ground in discussions on the topic so as not to resort to trivialities. It is only through an educated and well informed approach with a positive message and outlook that the situation in Malta regarding bird hunting can move forward.



Photo taken from the Times of Malta website.