Clean up of Saint Lucian’s Tower

On Saturday the 27th of September, Y4TE along with ADZ organised a clean up with the help of members from Nature Trust Malta, The Third Eye, Insite, and Fish For Tomorrow. The site to be cleaned was the surround area of Saint Lucjan’s Tower in Marsaxlokk.


The area was riddled with rubbish of all sorts and it took 3 hours and the collaborative effort of 18 youths to carry all of the waste to the skip (generously provided by the Marsaxlokk local council), which by the end of it all was overflowing. The rubbish collected ranged from the usual plastic bottles and take away food containers to smashed glass, the back end of a Television, clothes, and vast amounts of industrial waste such as concrete. Whilst the concrete was too heavy to carry into the skip most of the rest of the waste was collected. However, if the group were to attack the area once more it is certain that another skip-full of waste could be found.

It was very frustrating for the whole group to see litter thrown around a historical site with such disregard for the local environment. However, due to the hard work of the entire group the area was cleaned up and hope was restored. Maltese youth are becoming more and more aware of the importance of the environment and why it is that we should not litter. Therefore with time the mentality will change and the Maltese country-side will hopefully be cleaner and healthier for all!


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