How Not to go Mad this Exam Season in 11 Simple Steps!

We know exactly what it’s like. You start the year with a clear cut study plan, “I’ll revise after every lecture and by November I’ll start studying”… but somehow things go wrong…”I still have loads of time, I’ll start next week” and before you know it exams are a few days away, you haven’t even looked at your books because you’re dealing with assignments, and whenever you try to work something gets in the way.

Here’s what you don’t do- You do not spend a day in bed telling yourself “I need to fully recharge my battery  before I can study”- You do not eat 3 plates of pasta “for energy” … you will end up asleep on the sofa later- You do not start a new series.- You do not drink gallons of red bull or coffee (or both) and end up with heart problems. What you do is this:

1. Clear your desk.

Get rid of any distractions… just chuck them in a box. A clean desk will help you focus.



2. Put a plant somewhere in your line of sight.

Plants have been scientifically proven to calm people down. It’s linked to the fact that once upon a long time ago when man lived in caves plants meant water, shade, and basically… life. So go green and make friends with a plant. Don’t be surprised if you develop a strange bond and even start having conversations with it. It’s fine, we won’t judge you!


3. Drink plenty of water.

Apart from fighting cellulite and keeping you hydrated it also keeps you from getting tired… plus regular bathroom breaks mean that you get off your chair and walk around for a bit. If you’re bored of good old H20 try mixing it up a bit. Add some lemon and mint for a detoxifying and refreshing brain recharge. Add some ginger to get energised and add some frozen fruit if you’re craving something sweet. There are some amazing recipes here.


4. Take breaks.

We are not made to sit at a desk for 5 hours without any breaks. Go for a quick walk around the house, go up and down the stairs… stretch your muscles and get your blood flowing. If you have a garden step outside for a cup of peppermint tea (mentally revitalising) and let your mind relax for a bit. Nature calms you down.

unnamed (4)


5. Get some sort of pet.

Be it a bird or a goldfish… something low maintenance that will be your silent study buddy. You will come to love them when it’s 4.30am and you’ve only done a quarter of what you meant to. They won’t scold you; they will simply listen to your random muttering. Another option is to visit someone who has a dog or cat and spend some time playing with them. We’re so nice that we made this easier for you by creating an event on campus where you can de stress with some very sweet dogs! Click here for the event.


6. Listen to the rain.

Try having rain playing in the background… it can be very soothing and makes you feel like you’re outdoors.


7. Give your eyes a break.

Focus on something which is far away for a few minutes. Then place your hands over your eyes and close your eyes… enjoy the cool darkness and unwind for five minutes.


8. Eat clean.

We are all prone to the “It’s exam time, I’m going to stuff my face” syndrome… but this will make you sluggish. Make exam time snacks during one of your breaks (cooking is great stress relief).

-Make your own fruit and nut mix.

-Make a banana and strawberry smoothie. Or if you’re more adventurous just blend one of each

kind of fruit your find lying around but don’t blame us if it tastes horrible.

-Snack on some frozen peas. This sounds odd but they’re surprisingly yummy and are packed with

much needed vitamins such as Vitamin B which helps relieve anxiety.

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9. Essential Oils.

These are your best friends; there is literally an essential oil for everything. Lavender is calming, Peppermint is revitalising, Aniseed refreshes a tired mind, Jasmin lifts your spirits, and Rosemary eases headaches. So pop by your nearest natural remedy shop and get yourself some essential oils and a burner and allow your room to become a tranquil safe haven.


10. Allow yourself to freak out.

Studies have shown that it is important to allow your brain to “freak out” for 15 minutes a day when dealing with a stressful situation. So embrace those moments when you lie on your carpet, crying, and thinking “I want to be a potato”. This lets your brain naturally sort itself out, you always feel better afterwards because crying releases toxins from your body. We cannot always be strong so don’t worry if you break down. Call a friend and have a good vent, make a chocolate cake in a mug, or get your colours and some paper and spend 20 minutes drawing a childish picture with clouds, a sun, green hills, and blue skies.

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11. Hug it out.

After having your “Oh My God I can’t do this anymore” freak out, go ahead and hug a friend, a nice big hug. It causes your body to release endomorphins (happy chemicals) and instantly makes you feel better. Studies have shown that a hug can also help you when you’re feeling sick or are injured. Hugs give your body a boost… so hug someone today : )

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Above all, don’t worry you will get through this just like you did last time.

Good luck from us all.