Permanent Exhibition of Marsa’s Power Station Should be Considered

In light of the dismantling of the Marsa Power Station, Youth for the Environment (Y4TE) is happy to note the consideration of conserving this power station after its abandonment and hopes that an exhibition space will also be opened to the public in order to commemorate the history of the power plant as well as its service. As a youth organisation we believe that this step has a significant impact on our future, where reduction of most of the pollution caused by the power plant’s emissions will finally be realised.

Apart from conserving the power station for historical purposes, an effort should be made in regenerating the Marsa harbour area so as to ensure a better surrounding environment. This area could be used to benefit the general population by making it green, so as to avoid it from becoming a desolate and unsightly mess.

Marsa’s power station has been in operation for more than 60 years, since 1953, and thus is Malta’s oldest power plant. Due to the harmful pollutants and black soot which was being produced as a by-product of producing non-renewable energy; the EU gave a limit on its operation time in 2008. However, the closing down of the power station did not happen anytime near the stipulated timeframe which resulted in Enemalta paying daily fines, amounting to €2.5 million. Towns which are found close to the power station are thus subject to black dust being continuously emitted from its chimneys, thus affecting the air quality and imposing a health hazard on people.

Permission was given by the board of directors of Enemalta just a few weeks ago to dismantle some of the power station’s equipment. These include four turbines and two boilers which started operating between 1966 and 1970. The dismantling process will be done by Enemalta’s employees.

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