The Great Escape – Camping Weekender with Y4TE!

A month has passed since the wonderful weekend we spent with some of you! The camping event which lasted from the 14th to the 16th of November was packed with food, stories, adventure and most importantly: a pleasant atmosphere.

The event started off by greeting everyone who luckily found their way to the secluded and serene area of the Zurrieq Camp Site. One thing was definite: setting up a camp is not so simple, especially when you’re a first time camper! Obviously, after all the unpacking and settling in the tents all of you campers swiftly got an appetite for food! The night ended with a barbeque, the crackling sound of the camp fire and a great atmosphere for story-telling.

The next day the air was buzzing with excitement, as we eagerly waited to get geared up and scale the three story high cliff face of Wied Ix-Xoqqa. People who have had previous experience with abseiling were very comforting and helpful to those first-time triers! A guaranteed rush of adrenaline and adventure it enabled some to face their fear of heights, conquering one of their life aims! Satisfied and tired, we headed back to the campsite after a relaxed lunch overlooking Filfla.


Following a break, we took part in a Sustainability workshop provided by Ms. Belinda Gambin, a University Lecturer at the Institute of Earth Systems. Through relay races, and team work, we learned about Endangered and Common Species, Recyclable and Non-Recyclable Waste, as well as general facts related to Natural Resources.

We were then visited by Mr. David Schembri, the Mayor at the Qrendi Local Council. We thought we were in for a long talk, when suddenly we were on our feet playing a variety of games – not bad at all! The point of all this was to interact with one another as well as learn about the importance of non-formal education and how sometimes, it can be better than sitting in a stuffy classroom! The evening ended with a home-made dinner cooked by the executive, campfire games and story-telling. What else could you ask for to end a fun-packed day?


The next morning was a rather lazy one where all the packing and cleaning happened. A great workshop on First Aid was given by Luke Testaferrata where basic First Aid methods and applications were discussed and demonstrated, and many first aid myths were busted!


So there you go, a jam-packed weekender which flew by! We certainly enjoyed it, and are proud to say that so did the campers. Keep an eye out for similar events, perhaps next time you’ll join in!