The Y4TE Eco Fest: From Planning to Implementation.

What a week!

When we started this term we set out to create a big event – something new, something the University hadn’t seen before, something which was desperately needed.
We decided we would organise the first ever Eco Fest.
This isn’t to say that there haven’t been environmental events before, but we wanted to make it our mission to have an event which truly stood out.

So how did we do it?

eco fest

Step 1- Funding

If we wanted our project to come to life we would need financial support. We found this through the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector’s Small Initiatives Scheme which you can find out more about here. We were awarded a grant of €1,000 in order to implement the project, and if it weren’t for this the project certainly wouldn’t have been a success. eco fest


Step 2 – Planning

eco fest

So much planning! From outlining the final themes for the three days, to contacting various organisations, or building everything from scratch. The planning involved was intense but also highly enjoyable, especially when it came down to get our hands dirty! For this we have Simon Mallia to thank, his vision for the aesthetic design of the quadrangle saw us rolling up our sleeves on working on a project which was so closely linked to our values – that of creating everything out of wooden pallets!

Step 3- Implementation


Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for had arrived. Three days of constant energy, positivity, and full emphasis on all that was green.

The first day was all about the environment and our daily health – we had everything from juices, to information about the benefits of cycling.

eco fest

The second day was our favourite. Once again we brought dogs to University, this time being joined by Beau the Guide Dog, and the K9 Unit from the Malta Police Force. All the dogs were happy to show off their various talents and interact with the students. We also brought over some owls and a hawk which happily demonstrated their flight skills.

The third day saw us discussing how people can get actively involved. We used this day to promote Let’s Do It Malta’s annual clean up which would be taking place in the following week.

Throughout the three days we had a string of artists playing live music, a chill out area which added a touch of green to the quadrangle, and a variety of very interesting debates related to the environment.

eco fest

The Result

Our Eco Fest was by far one of the best events we have organised, and also won the award for the best event on campus in 2015, winning the prestigious KSU Kokka Attivita’– something we’re very proud of!

Eco Fest

This couldn’t have been possible without all of the executive’s hard work and the input of the following organisations, companies, and groups.

Cold Pressed Juicery Malta, WeWood Malta, CORE GREEN:Organic & Fairtrade Food, Sharklab-Malta ,Travefficient, SACES, ESO – European Studies Organisation ,Malta Guide Dogs Foundation ,Fish4tomorrow,TerraFirma Collective ,Insite Malta ,We Are – The University of Malta LGBT Society ,GUG ,Let’s Do It Malta ,JD Farruġia ,Lifemedgreenroof Project, Fridericus Rex Malta Falconers, Jack’s Fusion, Sarah Mamo,David Jr Meilak, Malta Health Students’ Association (MHSA), ESA Earth Systems Association, The Robinsons, Nursing Students’ Solidarity Fund

Check out our mention in The Times here, and our YouTube video below.