Cleaning up a Cultural Heritage Site- It Torri Ta San Lucjan

On Saturday the 27th of September Youth For The Environment (Y4TE) and Alternativa Demokratika Zaghzagh (ADZ) brought together eighteen youths from a variety of organisations such as Insite, Nature Trust Malta, Fish For Tomorrow, and The Third Eye along with other youths who joined the clean up after hearing about it through social media.


The aim of the event was to clean up the rubbish found around the historical site which is of great cultural importance. Saint Lucian’s Fort was built in the 17th Century by Grandmaster Wignacourt and throughout the years it has been used in various manners, be it a stronghold against Napoleon’s troops, bomb storage during the British era, or a military prison.

At present the fort is being used as an Aquaculture Center and includes a section devoted to the rehabilitation of turtles. Whilst such noble and eco-friendly activities are being carried out on the inside, ironically the surrounding areas have become a dumping ground for many, with rubbish of all sorts covering the grassy area.

Rubbish included all sorts, from plastic and glass bottles, to large chunks of jablo, the outer casing of a flat-screen TV, two large smashed panes of glass, and numerous bags of concrete. As an addition to all this a large decomposing fish head was found along with a decomposing dog which had been covered by a pile of clothing. The skip which was generously provided by the Marsaxlokk Local Council was full to the brim by the end of the initiative. The glass collected was taken for recycling and any plastic bottles were also separated so as to be recycled.


It is a great shame to see such inconsiderate behavior towards the environment and it is truly devastating to see the surrounding area of such an icon of Maltese patriotism be surrounded by a symbol of the complete opposite. Y4TE along with ADZ therefore urge the Maltese population to dispose of their waste responsibly.


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